Equine Rescue Program

The Ocala Equine Rescue program is located on a 40 acre farm in Ocala, Florida known as “the horse capital of the world.

Our mission is to bring a greater awareness to this “industry” that old horses are not to be discarded or thrown away when their financial usefulness has expired. So many horses that have given there all to their owners, often being abused in the process, are cast aside and not valued anymore. Forgotten are the years that those horses worked to please them as hard as they could and bring them financial rewards. Often permanently lame, they come to us in malnourished and often fearful. We offer them green pastures, healthy food, love and companionship.

New Life Thrown Away

Many foals are killed because they are not perfect or have problems with their legs or feet. These are problems that can be fixed, but render them useless to the “racing” industry, or to be used as a “show horse”. Few have the compassion to take the time to help them rehabilitate and find them a good home. Instead, they are killed. Here, at Ocala Equine Rescue we take in foals and rehabilitate them. Most make complete recoveries and grow into strong, vital, well mannered and trusting horses. We also take in pregnant mares that are no longer wanted. Often starved when they arrive at the farm, their foals are born undernourished and weak. They need special attention to help them through those difficult first few days and weeks. The old horses usually have neglected teeth that have to be attended to for them to be able to eat and digest their food properly. All our horses have their feet taken care of by an expert farrier, as they arrive with badly splayed and cracked hooves. Vets, dentists and farriers reduce their fees for us, but they still have to be paid. We also take food to neglected horses off- site whenever we are called by concerned individuals.Although we specialize in horses, our family of rescues has extended to dogs, ducks and geese, as well! We will save as many of these neglected animals as we are financially capable of doing and ask that anyone that can help in any way, financially or otherwise, please contact us. You can also make a donation directly on the website. Please help to support these wonderful animals, just a little goes a long way. Thank you.

The Staff at Ocala Equine Rescue

Help to make a difference...

You can help to make a difference in the lives of abused and neglected horses. We are a nonprofit 501 C 3 charitable corporation, so your donations will be tax deductible. Help is always needed for food and vet bills. Volunteers are always welcome. This program is an important part of our focus and passion in raising the awareness of compassion for animals, that are “at our mercy”. If you would like to donate, use the donation menu on our website, or feel free to contact us by phone:

352-789-7914 or email info@ocalaequinerescue.org




Would you like to get up close and personal with one of our rescues?

As a sponsor you will help provide a specific horse their feeding needs, vets bills, farrier service, dewormer and any rehabilitation that may be required. As a sponsor, you can visit your horse also. Each horse costs about $350 a month all tolled, except when we have larger than usual vet bills (as we have lately), so sometimes we’ll be having more than one person or family co-sponsor a horse.

Times are very difficult right now, more and more horses are being neglected or their owners just cannot afford to take care of them anymore. We are receiving many more calls for help and have to turn countless away because we just don’t have the funds needed.

Please join Ocala Equine Rescue and help us in our mission to save as many abused, abandoned and neglected horses as we can. Please help if you can.

As a sponsor you will send a monthly tax deductible contribution of any of the following:

$50 Newsletter/photo
$100 Newsletter/photo’s/personalized updates & videos
$250 All the above and Ocala Equine Rescue Surprise Gift
Would like to give more? Choose the amount.

When you go to paypal please give us the horse’s name you want to sponsor in the special instructions section

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